Readability can help to measure how understandable and free from unnecessary complexity in a page or a document.

Measures related to this quality dimension must show to what extent the text is understandable and free from unnecessary complexity. Therefore, first of all, here it is necessary to take into account special readability formulas such as Automated Readability Index, Bormuth Index, Coleman-Liau Index, FORCAST Readability, Flesch Reading Score, Flesch-Kincaid grade level, Gunning Fog Index , LIX , Miyazaki EFL Readability Index, Dale-Chall, SMOG Grading, Linsear write formula and others. These formulas often based on pre-calculated words of different types. So, this dimension can also consist various linguistic features. Depending on language version, it is possible to defined up to over 100–150 such measures.

Readability is one of the quality dimensions of Wikipedia articles.


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