Wikipedia articles

Credibility shows whether the information provided can be checked with reliable sources.

Using reliable sources in Wikipedia is one of the important criteria for writing articles with high quality. Readers of the encyclopedia must be able to check where the information come from. Therefore, one of the most commonly used measure related to credibility is number of the references in Wikipedia articles or external link count. On of the related research has shown that depending on the references users can assess the trustworthiness of Wikipedia articles.

Here it can be also taken info the account not only quantity, but also quality of the sources. On of the possibilities is to estimate popularity of the reference and its domain based on visiting count or number of incoming links from other websites. For this, data from search engines can be useful. For this we can use data from search engines such as Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and also specific tools such as Alexa. Another possibility is to evaluate scientific references using Altmetric and other tools.

Credibility is one of the quality dimensions of Wikipedia articles.

Wikipedia infoboxes

As in the case of Wikipedia articles credibility is related to analysis of the references. Depending on the topic and the language version, within each infobox you can find parameters with similar references. To assess credibility it can be used such measures as number of references, number of unique references, references to filled parameters ratio.


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