Wikipedia articles

Completeness shows how comprehensive the description of the topic is in document. Wikipedia articles with high quality must neglects no major facts or details and places the subject in context. One of the most popular measure for this dimension is content volume measured by articles length. Length can be measured in different ways: bytes, characters, words and others.

Completeness is one of the quality dimensions of Wikipedia articles.

Wikipedia infoboxes

Completeness of the infobox can be measured as the ratio of the number of parameter values to the number of all defined parameters in the infobox of a given type. Other related to this quality dimension measure can also consider weights for each filled parameter, where weight is based on the frequency of filling this parameter. Here we can also take into the account length of the infobox, number of templates and other elements that the infobox contains.

In some topics, infoboxes can consist similar parameters, which can be omitted when calculating completeness. For example, to describe cities of Poland in some language versions of Wikipedia there is a special infobox, so the parameter about country is absent. At the same time other languages to describe the same city can use common infobox for different cities in the world, so parameter about country is important there.


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