Wikipedia Articles

Despite the fact that Wikipedia is often criticized for its poor quality, it still is one of the most popular knowledge bases in the world. In Wikipedia you can sometimes find valuable information – depending on the language version and subject.

Automatic quality assessment of the Wikipedia articles based on classification models have some limitations which are related to different quality standards between language chapters of Wikipedia. Such differences in standards were also observed in comparison of classification models based on similar quality classes. Therefore some of the studies propose novel method for estimating articles on a continuous scale (from 0 to 100) which allows to compare Wikipedia articles even between language versions (with different quality standards). This method is based on synthetic quality measure and has been tested in 55 language versions. The results of quality and popularity assessment of over 40 million Wikipedia articles are available on the WikiRank project. Some basic functions are presented on the video:

There is also a tool for quality assessment of the Wikipedia article from current window tab. This add-on allows to get quality and popularity assessment of the Wikipedia article that is opened in browser. To test how it works you need to open any Wikipedia article in Chrome and then press WikiRank icon. Example on the video-tutorial below.

Browser extension is available on Chrome Web Store and on Firefox add-ons.


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